The Cabguard is our cost effective insurance for preventing damaged glass from debris while hedge cutting, topping, etc. Save yourself a fortune in new windows for your tractor, and the discomfort of sitting in a cold, breezy cab!

We use 3MM thickness polycarbonate plastic in all of our Cabguard products to ensure a quality, strong and lightweight product.
Our suction cup design holds the guard in place on to the windows with enough space to allow airflow (preventing fogging) and also allows the Cabguard enough flexibility to take any impacts without jeapordising the cab’s glass.
The Cabguard is finished with a black trim edging which protects the edge of the plastic from being dented or damaged, and also adds aesthetic appeal.

Please note that the Cabguard is not suitable for high-speed highway use due to the risk of detachment in strong wind, and should be removed and reinstalled when safe to do so.
If you spend a lot of time on the roads, we recommend our
Cabguard Highway Plus model for easier installation and removal.