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The APG Phone has been involved in an accident!!!
For any enquiries please send an email to sales@appliedprotectionguards.co.uk and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
The new handset will be with me soon I hope!

Happy New Year welcome 2021!

2020! A year from hell on all parts. It started well for us here at APG With a successful Doe Show Back in February, but that is also where it stopped. As a virus becomes a global pandemic and quite literally shuts the world down, All foreseeable shows were cancelled and halfway through the year getting hold of the clear polycarbonate sheets that we use for our guards became increasingly difficult, as the people and businesses tried to continue working around the virus, the need for clear plastic in office spaces and shops created a world shortage of clear plastic as manufacturers could not keep with the unusual demand. For example an order placed in september 2020 is not due to be delivered to us until march 2021.
I can only pray and hope that 2021 is more forgiving and proves to be a year of recovery and prosperity.
I hope that anyone with interest of our products please realises the stuggles that are before us and bears with us while we try to fulfill yout requirements.

Doe Show 2020

We were at the 60th annual Doe Show this year promoting our Cabguard and Highway Plus products, Showcasing the 3D printers that manufacture the HighWay Clip.

It was a fantastic week – was great to see a lot of interest in our guards, and lovely chatting to you all.

We’ve got plenty of other events planned in the near future, so watch this space!